Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common in cats, though that does make them any less distressing for your beloved feline. These infections can cause a lot of discomfort but prompt treatment and care means they can usually be managed effectively. 

Oreo is one of our recent patients who came to us with symptoms of a UTI. After initial treatment, we are now supporting him and his owner with managing the condition. Read on for Oreo’s story.

Oreo’s condition

Oreo has been a rescue cat from the RSPCA who was adopted after four months in the cattery. He was brought to Aldgate with signs of cystitis. He was in and out of his tray frequently. His owner noticed some blood and was not sure he always managed to pass urine when he visited the tray. Oreo is an indoor cat in a multi-cat household, both of which can be triggers for stress cystitis.

How he was treated

Oreo initially responded to an anti-inflammatory and Cystaid supplement for cystitis, which were prescribed for him. However, once the treatment course was completed, the symptoms returned. 

He then had multiple urine samples checked, which revealed blood and numerous struvite crystals. Our recommendation was to start him on “dissolution diet”, which involves foods which help to reduce the crystals. 

The crystals have reduced and now Oreo is on a diet which helps to prevent and reduce the recurrence of cystitis, plus Cystaid supplement for a month to help. The owner also has multiple litter trays – we recommend one per cat, plus one – diffusers in the home to help reduce stress, such as Feliway, Calmex and Pet Remedy. He is currently doing well with a  management approach to his condition, though this will need to be lifelong.


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